Monday, 24 January 2011

Left-Wing Policies Have Destroyed Britain's Youth

Take a glance through the British media in a given week, and you will see the usual anti-business, pro-tax rhetoric permeating throughout most of it.  Want some money for a "scheme" or "initiative"?  Tax "the rich" - after all, they have heaps of money that they don't need, right?  Want to blame someone for an economic crisis?  How about those bankers we just love to hate?  Want to campaign against something?  How about those evil corporations who are only out to crush the little guy?

Well, such actions have consequences, and this has been shown in Britain's enormous, devastating youth unemployment.  The figures can be seen in the attached link here. (H/T The Sun)

What surprised me about the figures is just how unsurprised I was.  My nearest city of Salford has a 30.8% youth unemployment, and it is very easy to believe.  The concept of a welfare culture is very much alive in these places, leading to entire welfare towns where initiative, independence etc. are all very much dead.  The welfare culture has been fostered in families for a few generations now, and many of these young people who are unemployed have been born into families where none of the other members have ever worked - having a job is simply foreign to these people.

The tragic thing about all this is that in most cases it is not their fault.  Policies designed to "help" the poor and the unemployed have been the policies that have destroyed their lives the most.  Before these young unemployed people were even born there was already a welfare system in place that does not encourage marriage, that encourages families to live apart and that rewards parents who are on benefits, and punishes parents who do not receive benefits.  Then, we give the child lousy schooling at state run, union controlled, ideologically driven schools that focus on making kids "feel good" as opposed to giving them a proper education.

When they finally do enter the jobs market they find that there are no jobs available, as Britain's high tax, anti-business policies have either scared business abroad, or has discouraged it from even growing in the first place.  Then, if there are any jobs available, the young person will find themselves priced out of a job by high minimum wage laws that by their nature discriminate against the less qualified, meaning they cannot get a job, meaning that they eventually stagnate on welfare.

Yet no major political figure in Britain is challenging this.  Labour wants to push this hard left agenda further, and the present Coalition that is in power seems to be rearranging deckchairs on the Titanic - and even that causes ideologue leftists to scream that the deckchair rearranging will leave the "poor and vulnerable" without a place to sit.

Brits reading this should be depressed - this is our reality.  Americans reading this should be terrified - this is your future under Obama if he is not stopped.


  1. You are so right I'm terrified. I read an editorial on a British news website that actually left me speechless. Some woman wrote that she deserved all the free benefits that the government gave her. This is an attitude that is completely foreign to me. If she is getting benefits free, then who is the one laboring so she can sit back and rake in those "free" benefits? I've worked my entire life so I can enjoy my earned retirement some day.

    But with half of the U.S. believing as the woman above does, I probably will never see retirement. But I will never enjoy benefits I did not earn. It is not in my nature.

  2. That wouldn't surprise me about that woman, there are plenty like her in Britain. I'd be interested in reading it if you still have the link!

    Our task is to bust what Milton Friedman described as the Free Lunch Myth!

  3. I didn't think to save the link, I'm sorry. I will in the future! I'm glad you are feeling better. The flu is the worst.