Friday, 14 January 2011

The Conservative Party's Current Strategy is a Disgrace

Cameron dropping the Manifesto in the skip - maybe.
If you are going to sacrifice your political principles and form an alliance that makes a lot of your own party turn against you and label you a traitor, then you had better make damn sure that the party you are forming an alliance with is worth it.  If it is worth it, then you can declare yourself to be a political genius, and your opponents to be backward numptys who do not know the meaning of the word 'compromise'.

However, if the party you form an alliance with turns out to be a waste of space, then all you have done is destroy both the opportunity of getting your agenda through Parliament, and your chances of getting re-elected in the future.  This is exactly what has happened with the Conservative/Liberal Democrat Coalition that we currently have in power in Great Britain - and I use the term "power" very loosely, because surely there has never been a Prime Minister in recent history with less power than David Cameron?

Last night was the first by-election since the formation of the dreaded Coalition, and it was hoped by both Lib Dems and sell out Tories that the Lib Dems could pinch the election and gain another seat, of which they already have precious few.  This required the Conservative Party to refuse to fight, and essentially throw the election by putting out only a symbolic campaign for the Tory candidate, allowing the Lib Dem to pick up the Tory votes and beat the Labour candidate.

But it failed.  In fact, looking at that sentence doesn't do it justice so let me try again - IT FAILED!!!  That's better.  Labour won by an enormous margin, and the Tory strategy is in tatters.  For this strategy to work, the Conservative Party had to leave its dignity and its principles behind in order to throw this election to the Lib Dems, and yet the useless Lib Dems still lost.  As much as Tory cronies such as Baroness Warsi are laughably scolding us that they fought a great campaign and that the "Tory Right" should stop complaining, I am yet to meet one independent voice who actually believes her.

I wouldn't be a fan a Coalition with the Liberal Democrats even if the Dems had 20% support, because I believe that politics should be fought on principles and ideas, not slogans and opportunism.  But, the fact that the support of the Lib Dems is as low as 7% in some polls, and their leader Nick Clegg - once the Obama of Britain - is now hated by many of his own party, turns this whole Coalition into a complete and utter farce.

So, we have thrown our principles and dignity into the trash, and do the voters respect us for it?  Do they admire our sense of "compromise" and our ability to "work together for the common good"?  Of course not.  The polls put Labour - who less than a year ago were suffering from catastrophic levels of unpopularity - ahead by 8%, we lost the by-election last night, and there seems no sign of this turning around any time soon. The effects of this strategy in the Oldham East and Saddleworth by-election last night will have far reaching consequences with the electorate nationally as well.  The message was clear, "Don't vote for us", and this means that next time the Tories do want people do vote for them, many will just see a party that doesn't value their vote, and will choose to vote for someone else.

Unless we abandon the Coalition
 this man may be your next Prime Minister
The standard call from Tory HQ is that cuts are always unpopular, and this explains the dip in popularity.  This is nonsense.  Yes, cuts are unpopular, but you can prevent it being as bad if you come out and passionately argue for why we need them, and what the conservative vision is for the future - a vision that most people actually agree with when you flesh it out.  However, our big spending Lib Dem partners don't like any of this,  and don't believe in the conservative vision, which puts a muzzle on the Coalition.  Cuts are made without explanation, which allows Labour to come in and say anything they want, and create their own narrative about "evil, rich Tories vs poor, voiceless people" with no Conservative voice coming out and fighting for the cause in fear of offending our wishy washy Liberal Democrat friends.

This whole Coalition is a disaster, and the only way out is not a new strategy, but to abandon this pathetic Coalition at once, drop the dead weights that are the Liberal Democrats, and fight the next election on principle.  Yes, an election next May might be one we lose, but it might also be one we win off our own backs, and the longer we carry out this charade, the harder it will be to lose the image of a party that is happy to sacrifice its own beliefs for power.  If we don't shake that image soon, we might find ourselves under another 13 year Labour government, led by Prime Minister Ed Miliband - a Prime Minister who would make Blair look like Thatcher.


  1. It sounds like you need to form your own Tea Party in the UK. Seriously... it may be something to think about.

    Bye the way Adam would you answer me something? What exactly IS a numpty?

  2. Yes Pam, we definitely need one over here. Problem is that Britain is generally a centre-left country, which makes it difficult to form.

    Numpty is a word usually used in the North of England, and it is basically the same as "idiot" or "fool"!