Friday, 28 January 2011

Another Attempt by Obama to Force Britain into the EU.

Thanks to my fellow Anglo American commentator Nile Gardiner for picking this story up, that has gone almost entirely unnoticed by the mainstream media on both sides of the Atlantic.  Apparently the Obama administration has started another push to get America's once strongest ally further into the quicksand of the European Union.  This time it is diplomat Louis Susman (American ambassador to the UK) who has been running his mouth off.  In a private meeting with British MEPs this week in the European Parliament, Susman called for a stronger commitment to the failing EU by Great Britain.

"Speaking in parliament on Tuesday, Susman signalled that Washington wants a clearer British commitment to remain in the EU, saying “I want to stress that the UK needs to remain in the EU.
“The US does not want to see Britain’s role in the EU diminished in any way.
“The message I want to convey today is that we want to see a stronger EU, but also a stronger British participation within the EU.
Susman, who took up his current post a year ago, added, “This is crucial if, together, we are going to meet all the global challenges facing us, including climate change and security."

Although it is most certainly not unheard of for allies to express opinions on various international issues that effect the other nation, to push for something that every single opinion poll shows that the British public are against is distasteful at best, and at worst it is downright insulting.  America should be supporting its allies, not challenging them at every possible opportunity.

The statement is also quite wrong.  I will ignore the vagueness of "dealing with climate change", as we already know that for the Obama administration the science is unquestionable and "dealing" with the problem involves as much big government as is humanly possible.  However, the idea that if Britain hands over its sovereignty to the hard-left, anti-American, pacifist EU then this will be excellent for "security", then Mr Susman is either delusional or a fool.

When will the Obama administration understand that the EU is not America's friend.  It is filled with American hating lefties, and it doesn't change just because they have a Democrat in office.  If America wants an ally in Europe, then Britain (as always) is its best hope.  Trying to push Britain into the EU will only make Britain weaker, and damage Anglo-American relations, which will ultimately harm America.

While creating an European megastate may fit in with Obama's left-wing view of the world, it will do nothing for America's interests.  It is for this reason that America should oppose this pushy new attitude towards their best ally, and stop Obama from doing even more harm to the national interest of America, and the interests of her allies.


  1. Adam, you are still under the impression that this administration/Obama wants to continue to be a friend and ally to England. He does not. He made that abundantly clear when one of the first acts as POTUS was to return the bust of Winston Churchill.

    His father was Kenyan, and a born a British citizen. He HATED colonialism, and raised his son to hate the UK too.

    Obama is NOT the U.K.'s friend. All of you need to tell him what we told that Saudi sultan who tried to give us a check after 9-11 so long as we admitted the attack was partially our fault.

    "STUFF IT"!

    I know you read American Thinker, but maybe you didn't see this blog, so I'll link it for you:

  2. Pam, I'm definitely aware that Obama is not a friend of Britain, you are right to point to the return of the bust of Churchill - it is the perfect example.

    Thanks for the link, for my own take on it, look at this article I wrote for the Thinker a number of months ago on this very subject -

  3. We are doing our best. The Tea Parties starts soon, and thanks to Egypt, nobody will buy the "violent Tea Party" line anymore, Everyone except his bas of blind leftists and blacks detests him. We're being told to not use heat during our blizzard, due to shortages, cos this punk won't allow us to use our own resources. And when he loses the entire ME to the radicals, his mask will come off for good.