Saturday, 13 November 2010

Thomas Sowell - Economic Facts and Fallacies

I know it is slightly lazy blogging to post a video, but I do like to link to videos that I see as valuable in promoting the conservative movement, so I am going to do it anyway!

One of the authors I continually recommend is Thomas Sowell.  Originally a Marxist, he eventually had a dramatic conversion to free market capitalism, and has written countless books on economics since then.  I would argue that he is the true heir to Milton Friedman, he really is that good.  If ever you can pick up his books or listen to him speak, please do.  He is well worth it.

The link I post below is a discussion he had on Uncommon Knowledge a few years ago about his book Economic Facts and Fallacies.  So, fix up a cup of coffee, sit bak and enjoy this entertaining, and valuable, discussion!  Have a great weekend!

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