Tuesday, 23 November 2010

The Royal Couple Checkmate the Left

After the Royal Wedding was announced last week, we saw lots of hand wringing by those on the left, "anxious" about "excessive" expense on the upcoming Wedding  in a time where welfare and the power of government is being cut.  "We couldn't have that" said they, "It should be simple" they pined.

Of course, this was really about the left's distaste for those principles that the monarchy stand for.  In attempting to "draw attention" to these issues and politicise the wedding, they were attempting to hijack the happy day for William and Kate in order to push forward their own political ends.  However, it has now been completely wrecked.

It has been reported today that not only have Prince William and Miss Middleton set the date, but that (apart from security and clean up) the Royals and the Middleton's will be footing the entire bill.  Although I am sure that there will be some who attempt to claim this as a victory, this is actually a stunning checkmate for the Royals, and a disastrous defeat for the left.  This is because the left can no longer have any axe to grind about the whole thing.

The wedding was being set up by the left-wing media to be an horrific display of "pomp and privilege", to be contrasted with pictures of the Dickensian nightmare that we are told haunts Britain, all because "the rich" are too mean and stingy to give more than half their income to the taxman.  It was through this that the left would try and turn this happy day into a political canvassing opportunity for their cause, a cause that would result in the abolishment of the last checks and balances of state power and an even greater concentration of power into our State machine.

Now, they are going to have to regroup, and they will have to do it quickly, as this is quickly turning into the Monarchy's finest hour.  The Wedding will put Britain on the map once again, it could stimulate the economy by billions in the short term, and will increase tourism to Britain in the medium to long term.  It will make Brits proud of their country, proud of their traditions, and will inject both a patriotism and a religiosity into the British public at large that has not been seen for a very long time.

Do not underestimate this.  This is Defcon 1 for the British left.  They will try and attack this wedding with everything they have, but at the moment they have nothing.  Let us hope that it stays this way.

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