Saturday, 27 November 2010

Miliband: "I am a Socialist" - Told you....

If you want to hear Labour leader Ed Miliband get torn to pieces, have a listen to the interview with John Humphrys on the Today show here.

Full of snivelling soundbites about how Miliband believes in "fairness" and is pained by "inequality", Humphrys responds by asking about specifics, and Miliband falls to pieces.  Why is this?  The answer lies in an earlier interview during the day when he admitted that yes indeedy, he is a socialist!

Now, this won't come as a surprise to many of us who have known this all along, but there may be some in the general public who hear this and are alerted.  I hope so, because Miliband is already trying to turn the political climate back into an era of soundbites and catchphrases like "everyone doing their bit" and "helping each other out" and "reducing inequality" and of course Ed's favourite - "committed to fairness."

These can of course mean anything to anyone, that is the whole point.  However, once it gets out that Red Ed is quite happy to call himself a socialist, we can instantly see what policies come from his interpretation of these catchphrases.

So "everyone doing their bit" means "the rich and middle class pay more taxes"

"Helping each other out" means "expand the role and size of government."

"Reducing inequality" means "enormous welfare handouts"

"Committed to fairness" means "make sure no-one does too well in life."

Once people realise that these inoffensive slogans lead to these offensive policies, then Labour will sink back into the wilderness for as long as it takes for them to grow out of it.  However it is important that it is exposed just how left-wing this guy is, how radical he and his party's policies really are once we get over the fluff that they are wrapped in, and what a disaster such policies have been and will be for the country.

Luckily Ed appears to be doing that for us.  Although he has generally kept quiet since his election, and does his very best not to actually discuss policy, when he is drawn out into the open, he is quite happy to admit that he is a high-tax, big government redistributionist socialist.  This can only be a good thing for conservatives in Britain - if we can keep drawing him out into the open, Labour won't win a thing.

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