Saturday, 9 October 2010

Claire Berlinski - "There is No Alternative: Why Margaret Thatcher Matters"

About a year ago, I picked up a book on one of my favourite politicians - Margaret Thatcher.  The author - Claire Berlinski - was not a name I had heard of, and yet the book intrigued me enough to purchase it.  What is so intriguing about the book, which is called "There is No Alternative: Why Margaret Thatcher Matters", is that it is not simply another dry biography of the Iron Lady.

Thatcher is not treated as "just" another Prime Minister by Berlinski, but instead as someone whose life and philosophy had far-reaching consequences, consequences that should still challenge us today, especially in Britain.  It examines Thatcher's philosophy, her achievements, as well as the context in which such decisions are made as well as the background of her enemies such as Arthur Scargill.  The book is very readable - I read it in two sittings in which I wrote and highlighted all through it - and extremely exciting, as well as being well-researched and fair (don't be mistaken - this is not hagiography by any stretch).

I would recommend it highly, and if anyone who wanted a good book on Margaret Thatcher, this would be number one on my recommendation list without a shadow of a doubt.  It is for this reason that you will find it in the Amazon store linked to on the side-bar of this blog!

In addition to this, Berlinski was recently a guest on one of my favourite shows - Uncommon Knowledge - which frequently invites important conservative thinkers for a detailed interview about the authors knowledge of a certain subject.  So Berlinski is asked not only about Thatcher, but also about the role of Turkey in the modern world, and also the question of radical Islam.  I would therefore recommend this latest episode of Uncommon Knowledge and therefore I link to it on this post.  If it inspires you to buy the book, then please do so - you will not regret it!

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