Wednesday, 30 March 2011

"Where's The Salt?" "Ask the Left!"

Last Saturday saw the tantrum of the decade from Britain's left, with the protest/riot in London over the government's public spending cuts.  We are told time and time again just how "savage" the spending cuts are, that front line services are screwed if we carry on cutting and that the cuts are "too fast and too deep."

The fact that they aren't is clear to anyone that looks at the numbers.  By 2015 public spending will have been cut by ...wait for it... 3%!!  Oh the horror!  How will we survive, surely a Dickensian nightmare waits for all of us?  That would reduce public spending to 2008 levels - not exactly a fiscally responsible period when one considers that Labour had been in power since 1997 and spending like Paris Hilton in a shoe shop.

However, if you need more proof that the protesters on Saturday were either ignorant or lying through their teeth, then take a look at this story about my home City Council of Stockport - a Council with a Lib Dem majority, but also with a significant Labour contingent as well.

Although we are being told by the professional left that the budget cuts Councils are facing will certainly mean severe damage to health services, libraries, schools etc, apparently Stockport Council have somehow managed to find the money for a new "scheme" by the name of "Out of Sight, Out of Mind."  This scheme focuses upon that strange leftist obsession with salt.  The scheme spends lots of money "encouraging" business owners to hide salt from their customers - apparently we are all too stupid to regulate our salt intake, so we need the nanny state to do it for us!  Other parts of the scheme include providing stickers and posters to be pinned up in restaurants and takeaways reminding us that perhaps we don't need as much salt as we usually put on our food!  Bear in mind that this is the same council who changed salt shakers from having 17 holes to 5 in 2009.  What an excellent use of taxpayers' money!

Salt?  Say "Pwease!!"
This would be a ridiculous and misguided scheme in any situation; we know that salt is bad for us, and we all know that we should really try and limit it as much as we can if we want to stay healthy - we don't need massive posters everywhere telling us so, we don't need the number of holes limited in our salt shakers. and we certainly don't need to have to ask permission from our take away owners in order to indulge in a bit of sodium in our food!  However, this scheme becomes even more obscene in the context of lefty groups going insane over the "savage" and "Dickensian" spending cuts, that we are told will gut front line services.

In this context, this scheme means one of two things.  Either Stockport Council is siphoning money away from actually useful and vital services in order to promote this guff, or they are lying through their teeth about how bad these spending cuts really are.  Whichever one you choose to believe, it tells you a lot about our left-wing friends in Stockport!  In the meantime, I recommend that anyone who lives in Stockport boycott any stores supporting this ridiculous scheme.  If they want to encourage this sort of tomfoolery and make us pay for it, then make them suffer the consequences!

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  1. Adam, salt actually isn't totally bad for you. That too is a myth the Gestapo left wants you to believe. Salt is a mineral, and human beings have minerals in the make-up in their bodies.

    As you are not a stupid lefty, I'm sure I need not remind you that everything in MODERATION is fine. About the only thing I salt on a regular basis is if I have eggs (which is maybe twice a month). I use herbal substitutes on salads. The only food I can't say no to a lot of salt on is watermelon (I hear the "yuck" coming from Manchester). It actually cuts the sweetness of the watermelon, and is very tasty. I enjoy this maybe 2-3 times a year, because they only are ripe in summer.

    I don't see this lasting, like any liberal "great idea". The waitresses are going to get awfully tired running back and forth for the salt. :)

    BTW - It's me, your faithful poster Pam. I've changed my userid because I started my own private blog. Comments not allowed, but if you want to follow my journey, you are welcome to. The one stereotype that always drove me crazy was the one where the English said we are spoiled and have no problems in life. Yeah, sure... my blog is more of a diary, but it's a daily journey in the life of a typical middle aged middle income American woman.