Friday, 4 March 2011

Public Sector Unions - Ugh!

Public sector unions are one of the best ways in which to destroy a country or state, and areas in the United States such as Wisconsin are currently discovering this.  Unions form unchallenged monopolies in major services in an area, get themselves control of the purse strings and the politicians, and then ruthlessly use their power for their own interests.  If anyone then dares to challenge that power, then they are viciously attacked, while the industry/service is brought to a standstill until the challengers (usually a mix of the public and elected politicians - how dare they?) back down and give in to even more of the public union demands.

Britain knows all about this.  Amongst the many times unions have screwed over Britain, the most notable in the Miners Strikes in the 1980's.  The country was dragged into what was essentially a civil war when the National Union of Coalminers - headed by Stalinist Arthur Scargill - tried to bring down the new Conservative government.  In fairness, they were pretty used to bringing the nation to a halt, as they had been doing it all through the 1970's.  It was only when they came head to head with new Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher when they realised they had a real fight on their hands.

So, public unions are a pain.  Yet this has never quite got over to the public at large, and I think this is in part because people like the concept of "unions", but they simply haven't made the distinction between private sector unions, and public sector unions.  

The Heritage Foundation has released a video explaining the difference, and showing just how damaging public sector unions and collective bargaining can be.  I thoroughly recommend this video, and hope that you enjoy it!

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