Thursday, 10 February 2011

Cameron's Conservatives Must Fight or Die

From this week I will be writing a weekly column for "The Grapevine".  It is a website that brings together many authors from all over the political spectrum, and I will (of course) be offering a conservative/libertarian perspective to proceedings.

My first column is now up, entitled "Cameron's Conservatives Must Fight or Die".

David Cameron’s announcement last week that there will be no tax cuts in the near future will dismay those of us on the conservative right who are becoming increasingly dismayed at the betrayal of conservative principles, and the lack of conservative arguments coming from the Tory party.
Any conservative who advocates small government, low tax, Friedman economics will tell you that slashing taxes across the board will stimulate the private sector, create employment, attract prosperity from abroad, and will therefore increase the tax revenue. Therefore, for Mr Cameron to state that we “cannot afford” tax cuts is worrying, and indicates that he has bought into the left-wing narrative being spun by big government socialists such as Miliband, Balls and Cable that a tax cut is a gift given to the richest at the expense of the country at large. It also means that if there are no positive effects in decreasing taxes, then there are no negative effects increasing them either, and our left-wing friends are correct to want to keep income taxes high.
Additionally, any actual conservative policies that the Coalition have pushed have not been supported by the typical conservative arguments. The Tories have allowed the meagre 3% spending cuts to be presented by the left as “harsh” and “painful” instead of being welcomed as the necessary beginning to the dismantling of the freedom guzzling state apparatus set up by the previous Labour government....

The rest of the column can be found here.

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  1. Great thoughts, Adam. Keep posting! Even if you convert one Liberal, it's one less Looter in society.