Tuesday, 1 February 2011

The Anglo-American Debate is Taking Part in Sarah Palin February!

In response to Dana Milbank's idiotic suggestion that everyone try and ignore Sarah Palin for as long as possible, and not speak about her at all, the Daily Telegraph Blogs here in the UK have wisely decided to rebel against this idea.

Sarah Palin is one of the bright lights of the conservative movement, and there are many Brits (myself included) who only wish that we could have an honest, fun, down to earth, and most of all conservative figure such as Palin in British politics.

Rightly spotting how supporting Milbank's suggestion would fall right into the trap of the snobby, anti-Palin left who are only seeking to silence Mrs Palin for their own political agendas, the Telegraph Blogs have declared February to be "Sarah Palin Month" which means that as well as having plenty of posts about the former Alaskan governor, many of their bloggers will be seeking to crowbar in a mention of Sarah Palin into every blogpost that they publish throughout the month of February.

As a Palin loving Brit who fully supports such a move, I have decided to stand shoulder to shoulder with the Telegraph blogs on their noble venture, and have chosen to incorporate this into the Anglo-American Debate for the month of February!  Let Sarah Palin February commence!

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