Saturday, 25 September 2010

"Red" Ed Miliband becomes Labour Leader - The Shortest Suicide Note in History

Well, well, well!  There was me worrying that centrist Blairite David Miliband was on course to become Labour leader and make a real fight of it against fellow "centrists" David Cameron and Nick Clegg.

But no, Labour decided to commit hari-kari and vote for his hard-left, Union loving brother  - Ed Miliband.  And there was me thinking that Labour wanted to actually win an election.  While it is difficult, and nigh impossible, in politics to predict what will happen in four years, I am feeling very confident for conservatism in Britain right now, and let me explain why.

People don't like the left-wing, and generally will not vote that way if a candidate is explicitly left-wing, especially in the modern era when socialism has by and large been proved to be a load of old cobblers.  The most successful left-wing leaders hide their socialism, and instead present themselves as "charismatic centrists" with "visions" of the future etc.  Then, once they get into office, they drift to the left.  They start claiming that while they would love to have a free market with low taxation etc,  "current circumstances simply do not allow it" and go on from there, slowly but surely drifting to the left.  Obama is the latest example of this

However, Milly-E (as he is known) is out and out a hard left guy right from the start, with enormous backing from communist trade unions and classic socialist figures of the British past - none of whom were ever able to get elected into government.  He will not even be able to pretend that he stands for liberty, democracy and the pursuit of happiness.  He believes in Unions, tyranny, big government, high tax and outdated Keynesian economics - and everyone knows it.

It is also likely that Conservatives will move slightly to the right in order to fight the upcoming battle on principles.  The next election will be Socialist Principles vs Conservative Principles.  When the battle is shaped like that, Conservatism almost always wins.

While we must not get complacent, today is a day to celebrate for conservatives - The Labour Party has wandered back into electoral wilderness.  Let us hope it does not return for some time!

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