Friday, 24 September 2010

Obama's drippy response to Ahmadinejad's nonsense

So, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad walks in front of the UN, and spouts nonsensical drivel about the US being response for 9/11, and it all being a great big plot to advance American interests abroad.  American UN representatives walk out, everyone condemns Ahmadinejad.  Pretty much what everyone expected then!

However, President Obama's response to this was bizarre.  When asked about the incident, Obama responded that Ahmadinjad's remarks were "hateful" and "offensive."  Talk about missing the point on two fronts!

First of all, the Iranian President's remarks were wrong, dead wrong.  We all know who was responsible for 9/11 (that is, except for a bunch of Chomskyite leftists) - Islamic extremism.  As a result, the remarks were also idiotic.  They are based on falsehoods, whacko conspiracy theories and pure, braindead stupidity.  Obama could have shown Ahmadinejad up for what he really is - a loon.  He could have gestured and said "Yeh, this is what we have to deal with now" or simply branded him irrelevant - after all, what Mahmoud wants is power and authority.  If his remarks had been met with indifference, it would have shown him up, and helped to pop the power bubble in which the Iranian dictatorship is currently sat.

Instead Obama decided not to brand him as wrong, but as "offensive."  Well yes, that is what Ahmadinejad was trying to be.  And by calling him offensive and hateful, it implies that America and its people have been hurt in some way by Ahmadinejad's words - which is exactly what the Iranian regime wants.  Obama's response says to Iran that their President is important and powerful enough to be able to offend and hurt the American people, and its President.

The correct response would have been both to dismiss him as incorrect, and make it quite clear that such a silly, petty little man has no effect over the American people whatsoever, as they are much stronger than Ahmadinejad will be if he lives to be 100.  Unfortunately, by trying to "extend a hand" to Iran, Obama has only handed over a great deal of power on the international stage to Ahmadinejad, and to do such a thing is extremely dangerous.

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  1. Well....did it occur to you that maybe Obama is hiding something, and therefore was unable to brand Mahmoud's remarks as "false"? It seems maybe Obama let a little truth slip out...