Saturday, 28 August 2010

Top Ten Things America Has Done for Muslims

Apologies again for the brief posts.  This week is the week my dissertation is to be handed in, so it is set to be a busy week!  However, I will still be putting various opinions and links throughout.  Today, I wanted to link to this very interesting article by Ben Voth in The American Thinker.

It argues against the current left-wing argument that because America overwhelmingly opposed the Ground Zero Mosque, that it is somehow an "Islamophobic" country, or is engaged with a war in Islam, or somehow needs to apologise to Muslims for all the nasty things America is supposed to have done to Muslims and to the religion of Islam.  Instead, Voth points out just how many Muslim lives America has saved, and how America is a force for good for everyone, including Muslims, in the world.

You can find the article here.

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