Saturday, 7 August 2010

Michelle Obama - "Let them eat cake!"

The UK's Daily Mail reports today on First Lady Michelle Obama's lastest jaunt to Spain - her eighth 'getaway' this summer, in addition to all the silly little "schemes" and initiatives she has been jetting off to "support".  It is causing a great deal of controversy due to the lavish expense of the trip, costing up to $375,000, and that is only a rough estimate.

Now, as a believer in the free market system, I have absolutely no problem with people spending vast amounts of their own money on luxuries like holidays - rich people spending lots of money helps everything they touch, from businesses, job creation and local economies.  I had absolutely no problem whatsoever with the extraordinarily lavish Clinton wedding that took place last week.  If you have that money and want to spend it, then go right ahead.

However, things are a little different for the First Lady, mainly because it is subsidised by the America tax payer. How much is being paid for is unclear, but when one is asking the US taxpayer to pay chunks of money for about eight holidays in one summer during a recession, it is absurd and the comparisons with Marie Antoinette are striking - a comparison that Andreas Tantaros makes in an excellent article for the NY Daily News.  I believe the nickname will stick!  The whole affair becomes weirder when one realises that the President isn't even part of the entourage!

It reeks of hypocrisy and snobbery.  The Obama's have made the most out of their new life of luxury, and Michelle Obama more than most.  Yet this is the administration that has attacked "the rich" more than any Presidency in history.  Lashing oil executives and bankers for 'obscene profits' and then forcing the US taxpayer to pay for eight holidays for the wife of the President stinks of double standards.

Yet it should not be a surprise.  The left wing always have a high regard for their own elites, and the Obamas are no different.  Left-wing governments see themselves as the saviours of mankind, which gives themselves justification for the over the top spending they treat themselves to.   It is one rule for them and another for others.  Make vast amounts of money creaming from the taxpayer - that is fine.  Make money in the private sector - expect to be demonised and blamed for all the problems in your country.

Michelle Obama is a raging hypocrite.  She loves to be seen as "one with the people", but taxpayer paid extravagance like this shows her up for the elitist snob that she is.  Americans should not put up with it, and should most certainly remember it when she has her next self-righteous rant about "social justice."

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