Sunday, 25 July 2010

Sarah Palin winds up the left (again)!

I am still not 100% on whether or not Sarah Palin is the way forward for the 2012 Republican Presidential nomination.  Don't get me wrong, I think she will be a strong contender and would support her if she was nominated.  In the same way that I love Rush Limbaugh but wouldn't be completely confident about his chances in the elections, I feel the same way about Palin - she is one of my favourite conservatives figures, but I am not quite there for giving her my thumbs up for 2012.

However, President or not, there is no denying that Sarah Palin still has enormous power, over both conservatives and the liberal left.  The high pitch squeakings from the left about how 'stupid' she is proves this every day.  The more they dismiss her as irrelevant, the more she becomes relevant as they constantly talk about her every activity.  Remember, it was Palin who changed the entire spectrum of the healthcare debate with a quick facebook message that mentioned "death panels."  This brought the healthcare debate into the mass public arena, and the death panels label stuck.  Although the Democrat's managed to eventually pass the healthcare bill, it has been tainted, and is vastly unpopular.  Obama's lot never recovered from that debate-changing facebook message - something so simply did so much!

In the last year she has made no major political moves, yet everything she has touched has turned to gold.  Almost every political candidate she has supported has won, every speech has a packed attendence, every cause she has backed has been popular, her book was a massive best seller, and her Twitter and Facebook accounts can change the political debate with one simple post.

This was shown last week with the 'refudiate' story.  If you have somehow missed this story, Sarah was writing a 'tweet' on the mosque being built very near to Ground Zero (and what an insensitive move such a building would be), and it appears that she hit the wrong button on her blackberry or whatever, and spelt 'repudiate' incorrectly.  She then followed it up with a tweet joking that Shakespeare made up words as well.

Well, if you had been on Twitter that day (as i was) and listened to the mainstream media covering the story, you would think that Sarah had tested a nuclear missile!  It quickly became the top trended topic on Twitter, with manic, screaming updates from various lefties, not only at her spelling mistake and how she was 'seriously' comparing herself to Shakespeare (they can't take a joke, can they?) but also at her "racism" towards Muslims for daring to say that building a mosque right near the site of a site of Islamic terrorism probably isn't the best way forward.

All it actually proved was that with a flick of her finger, Palin once again changed the debate, and got under the skin of the left at the same time.  The "Ground Zero Mosque" was barely mentioned before this week, now it is one of the top news stories.  Once again, the left are crying racism and intolerance, but their anger is fuelled not by Palin's stance on the issue, but by the fact that she is completely in touch with the vast majority of Americans - who question why, out of all the places to build mosques, they have to build one next to the spot of 9-11.   In addition, the venom and sheer hatred levelled at her for simply misspelling a word shows the world not only how venomous and hateful these people are, but also just how much they fear her ability and power.

The truth of the matter is that whether or not Palin runs for the Presidency or not, she is going to be an enormous, and highly influential political figure for many years to come.  Try as they might - the left are unable to 'refudiate' her!

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