Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Obama's Deadly Anti-British Agenda

Today, David Cameron and Barack Obama will meet to discuss various issues, including Afghanistan, Libya and the BP Oil Spill.  Obama is not known for being particularly pro-British (in fact, quite the opposite), and his administration has decimated the Special Relationship in less than two years.  This meeting is therefore crucial for the future of Anglo-American relations if such a relationship is to be salvaged.  My latest article in The American Thinker deals with this meeting within the context of Obama's anti-British prejudices.

It shows how Obama's anti-British agenda is deeply rooted - possibly stemming from his youth - and has infiltrated not just his own attitudes towards the British, but also the policies of the entire Obama administration.  Yet not only does this denigration of the Special Relationship hurt the British, it also has the potential to hurt the American public - by damaging the united stance against terrorism, and possibly limiting the British contribution to future American led conflicts.  Such an outcome would be a disaster for the Americans and for the British.  It must not be allowed to happen, and it is for this reason that this week's meeting is so important.

The article can be read here.

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