Saturday, 30 April 2011

How Britain Became a Haven For Islamic Extremism

Wikileaks must be running out of stuff to reveal; the latest revelation is that London is a haven for wannabe terrorists and terrorist recruitment.  They show how by the late 1990’s Finsbury Park mosque had become a haven for migrant extremists, who were then radicalised along with British born Muslims, and then shipped off to Al-Qaeda training camps in Afghanistan.  One US intelligence official describes London as a “haven for Islamic extremists from Morocco and Algeria” and “an attack planning and propaganda production base.”

To anyone living in the real world as opposed to an imaginary multiculturalist daydream, the above will not come as a surprise.  The multiculturalist ethos – which essentially meant that all cultures were to be seen as good as one another, and that integration was unnecessary – contributed to cultural ghettos filled with toxic cultures such as the extremist brands of Islam.  Throw in lax immigration and asylum policies, and an unquestioning and overly generous benefit system, and you have a pretty attractive prospect for those who want to come over and spend less time working and more time spreading hate.

This problem has been around for years, and yet since then we have been unable to fix it by the hard left telling us that mentioning or trying to deal with this problem and its causes is “Islamophobic.”  This has led to a situation whereby radical nutjobs can come across unchallenged, live off benefits, and spread hate as openly as they like in full knowledge that if anyone raises a finger against them they will have an army of armchair leftists throwing a hissy fit on their behalf about “fwee speech.”

I’d love to ask a radical Islamist what they find more amusing; the fact that we let them do all this, or the fact that we are all shocked when we discover that the perpetrator of the latest terrorist attack is British born, or has spent time in Britain.  Perhaps instead they would point me in the direction of another of the latest leaks that states that 16 Guantanamo detainees sent back to Britain – who are labelled as “high risk” and therefore likely to commit a terrorist attack – have been paid a reported £1 million in compensation.  That’s right; we are now giving money to likely terrorists.  Maybe next time we could just plant the bombs for them and save them the hassle?

The left-wing narrative that Islamic terrorism originates from countries that have been attacked by “imperialist” Western countries such as Britain and America does not even come close to being a legitimate explanation when dealing with British born Islamic lunatics.  Instead, we are brushed off with the explanation that radicalised British youth are simply “disaffected” by British society.  No more detail or explanation is given, as long as we realise that this is all our fault, and not theirs, and that more government spending in the forms of “outreach” programmes are required.

In this the left are correct – it is our fault.  It is our fault that we have a stupidly lax immigration and asylum policy.  It is our fault that we hand out benefits like sweets so that people like Abu Hamza can live a comfortable life while spouting hatred.  It is our fault that we have such a warped understanding of free speech that those calling for the death of Britons are protected, but those protesting those speeches are not.  It is our fault that we have allowed ourselves to follow a warped doctrine of multiculturalism that means that even the most vile and evil of cultures must be tolerated and “celebrated” as legitimate forms of diversity.

The revelations by Wikileaks should be yet another wake up call to the evil that we are allowing to fester and grow in our society.  Welcoming foreign people and cultures into Britain is something that has always reaped great benefits for Britain, but removing the normal checks and balances – both from the law and from societal pressure – that usually accompany the process, has allowed those who would harm Britain to benefit and to progress in their aims.


  1. We are beginning to see the same issues in the state of Michigan, which has a huge Muslim population. Unless the state realizes that these types of people will never integrate, we will end up with the same problems. And the left over here is the same:

    Unless it is someone they love whose body parts are scattered over a wide area, they just refuse to believe there is a culture that wishes them dead. They somehow believe they are unique and exceptional, and will be left alone.

    God help them all.

  2. I'm sorry to hear that, let us hope that such people wake up before it is too late!