Monday, 24 August 2009

Welcome to the Anglo-American Debate!

Welcome to this new blog, which goes out like a drop in the ocean that is the modern blogosphere! The purpose of this blog is not as haughty as the title might seem. It is simply based on the idea that there are similarities between the American political situation and the political situation in Britain, and that both sides of the Atlantic can learn from one another. Obviously I do not intend for this blog to do that, but i intend it as a small contribution to an on-going debate. I have an interest in both sides, and feel that there is a niche which looks at both the British and the American situations, offering commentary and debate on both. So this blog is born!

I am a Politics student based in England, currently studying for my MA at the University of Manchester, and have experience of studying in America during the 2008 Presidential Election, which really intensified my interest in American politics.

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